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Kentuckians Against Common Core is a group of concerned parents, grandparents, educators, retired educators, and citizens.

Kentuckians Against Common Core is a grassroots, volunteer-led group of individuals whose concern is for the children of Kentucky, the teacher’s responsible for teaching them, and the tax payers who support them.

We would be happy to come to speak to your group.  Please use the Contact Us form on this website.

Heidi Cheeks

How many signatures have been collected, and what is next in the process of getting this before the Kentucky Department of Education? Is this something we need to address at each school as well? There needs to be an outline of a plan to get this out of Kentucky. We need to see which stage we’re at so we can make this a reality.

Terry Donghue

Mrs Cheeks

Sorrow that no one from our organization hasn’t responded to you quicker. Unfortunately the lady who takes care of this was in a car accident and I was on vacation. We are a group of volunteers trying to get education back in the hands of the parents where we feel it belongs

We currently have 1170 signed petitions. At present we have NO outline of a plan to get this out to the schools or the Dept of education. We just tell everyone on our website. As I said we are a group of volunteers trying to keep up with Gates, the Fed and others. Would you be willing to take it upon yourself to put together an action plan on how do we get more signatures on the petition and how to let KDE and others thst we mean business.

We would appreciate any help you can give. Hope to hear back from you. Thanks

Terry Donoghue

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