The Movement to Repeal Common Core in Kentucky Continues

Hope is a funny thing, and just when you think you’ve reached the end of it, Kentuckians flip the house!

What does this mean for Common Core in Kentucky?

  1. From the leader of the movement, Terry Donaghue, “We have been told by many Republicans, including Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer, that we won’t be able to repeal Common Core until we flip the House. Well Senator and all Republicans in KY State Legislature, you have what you wanted and the parents of KY children are ready to return their kid’s education back to where they are in control. Call us. You have our number. We have the plan ready to go…let’s get started NOW! And OBW..we will hold your feet to the fire.”  We expect Governor Bevins and lawmakers to stick to their word
  2. KACC will continue all efforts to REPEAL Common Core in Kentucky! As recently as last week, Karl Studerman sent this letter to lawmakers. kacc-karl
  3. We still need YOU to educate yourself on Common Core and call your legislator.

Thank you,

Kentuckians Against Common Core


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