Who’s fooling who??

“The curriculum that is taught in your school district is locally driven,” says Carney. “Our school-based, site-based councils have the legal authority to develop that curriculum.” Then why did the feds give $360 to two companies to write the test. Also you and KDE may want to call Common Core Kentucky Academic Standards but if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck…then it is a duck!


The process for updating academic standards isn’t the kind of topic that inspires soaring rhetoric and passionate civic debate.

Yet the top legislative priority for Senate Republicans this year is a sweeping overhaul of how public school standards are reviewed and updated in the commonwealth. In essence Senate Bill 1 seeks to simplify the work of educators by ensuring that Kentucky’s academic standards align with the assessments on which student progress is scored.

“I call it the bill of taking control of our standards and allowing our teachers to teach,” says Sen. Mike Wilson (R-Bowling Green), who is chair of the Senate Education Committee and sponsor of the legislation.

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