Kentuckians Against Common Core Statement on 2016 Senate Bill 1


The Kentucky General Assembly has taken up amending Senate Bill 1 – a bill focused on education in Kentucky including primary and secondary school standards. It is very encouraging that the General Assembly is willing to take another look at this bill since it was the gate by which the educational experiment on our children, known as Common Core, came to Kentucky. There is much to like in the bill, such as an attempt to reform teacher and school evaluations. Section 2,Paragraph (1)(a)3 states that students get credit for arts and humanities upon completion of foreign language, application-oriented career and technical education courses, computer technology or programming courses that incorporate design and creativity.

But there are problems with it, the first of course being an absence of an outright call for repeal of the Common Core standards.

Download and read the entire statement Response to bill – 20160131 – KJS(1).

Matt Bunch

I just watched multiple Common Core Math videos on YouTube with kids as problem solvers and read multiple articles on the subject. I’ve read multiple websites on this topic around the country and within KY. I was so floored that KY was duped into enacting it under our public education program. I am so glad I didn’t have a teacher that taught that in the 1980s in Fayette County. I even earned an A+ in advanced calculus in high school (the normal way), and your CCM is so insane that you all are idiots (and I’m being nice here) for attempting to teach that crap to our Kentucky kids. The program made math stupid for kids. Really. The next generation will produce idiots to follow idiots. The publications that say we need higher education sounds great and is always favored, but the CCM curriculum is absolutely stupid to try to accomplish that goal. Shame on Kentucky for proposing to put this crap in KY’s public schools. I’ve signed my name to this email. I don’t know how Kentuckians can sleep at night. Kentucky clearly doesn’t have the best interest in kids in heart. Please make a change to eliminate this crap. The propaganda of reasons why administrators, teachers and parents should support CCM is the exact reason to eliminate it because it’s just propaganda for a change, any change, and this is the wrong change. Kentucky……correct this.

Matt Bunch
Lexington KY
Attorney and father of two kids who watched me build an experimental airplane from scratch while using regular math.

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