No, most Kentucky KPREP scores are not that close to NAEP scores

from Dick Innes of Bluegrass Institute

The Kentucky Department of Education sent out News Release 15-051 yesterday, which contains some inaccurate information about how the state’s KPREP test compares to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). While the release claims “Kentucky Among Handful of States with Reliable Test Scores,” that might be stretching things.

To begin, the term “Reliable” has specific meaning when we are talking about tests. This gets technical, but you can read about the formal meaning of test reliability here if you want. In any event – unless I missed something – the news release does not seem to refer to any formal determination of test reliability for Kentucky’s Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress tests (KPREP). In fact, I don’t know if any formal reliability studies have been completed for KPREP. Perhaps the media staff at the department just made an unfortunate selection of terms, but the news release needs a correction.

There are more problems because claims in this release are math-challenged.

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