Kentucky teachers on Common Core problems someone might not want you to hear about

from: Dick Innes of Bluegrass Institute


We’ve heard from Frankfort (and even the Wall Street Journal) that Kentucky’s teachers are not speaking out much about the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) problems. Well, maybe we are not hearing about our teachers’ issues because someone doesn’t want us to hear what’s being said.

A case in point: take a look at this comment from Page 15 in a never-released report from the American Institutes of Research (AIR):

One TL (Teacher Leader) in Kentucky described LDC (Literacy Design Collaborative) training provided by the state as piecemeal:

I hate to speak negatively of our state because I do think they have done some very positive things. But I also think that [it is bad to] just give pockets of information here, here, and here and not give the full training on something­ just giving you a taste of it to where you are not getting the full implementation of certain things- I think that causes problems. And I know that has caused issues…in my school with the LDC [tool] because I am, like, “That is not a module. You gave your kids a question, and they had to write about it. That is not a module.” But [the teachers say] “that is what they told us.”

Read more on his blog here.

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