Who Do Your Children Belong To? WDRB Point of View Post

“I want to talk to you about Kentucky’s student assessment testing called KPREP.”
WDRB 41 Louisville News

“KPREP does not instruct children, isn’t a part of their grades and is up to 11 hours of “High Stakes Testing” of our children for the purpose of collecting data and tracking students in return for federal money. As a part of Common Core, the state of Kentucky mandates this non-instructional testing of our children. But Ohio and California have laws that acknowledge a parent’s right to refuse assessment testing of THEIR children for any reason. ” CONTINUE READING

Sharon Minton

Mr.Steutermann and I share like opinions as to who should control our students’ learning. Kentucky legislators have long been asked by teachers to visit their classroom to learn what teaching and learning looks like. The limitations of sitting in a governmental office attempting to set guidelines for teaching and learning is a difficult, if not impossible, task and requires greater insight than that offered by a select few. Government-mandated standardized testing resembles the one-size fits all ads of the clothing industry. Teaching our children is as far removed from this method of meeting the greater need for assessment as earth’s air and outer space for breathing.

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