Opting Out? Yes, We Can!

Photo Credit: https://teacherslettersofprofessionalconscience.wordpress.com/2015/03/29/a-teacher-tries-opting-out%EF%BB%BF/
Photo Credit: https://teacherslettersofprofessionalconscience.wordpress.com/2015/03/29/a-teacher-tries-opting-out%EF%BB%BF/

On Tuesday March 31st,  Kentucky Department of Education sent an advisory to all Superintendents in the State stating that parents choosing to opt their children out of Kentucky’s Core-Content-based curriculum and tests is not allowed.

In the email they say, “Kentucky, districts are not permitted to honor a parent’s request to opt-out of CCSS or statewide testing. Although parents have the right to opt their children out of public education by choosing home school or private school, parents do NOT have the right to pick and choose the provisions of public education with which they will comply”.
They further go on to say that the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution doesn’t apply as to whether or not you decide to have your child opt out. They don’t believe the Supreme Court when the Court says,  “ parents possess the “fundamental right” to direct the upbringing and education of their children.”
We think this is a real problem with the Common Core Standards or Kentucky Core Academic Standards, as the KDE like to call them. The creators of the Standards  think that they are above the law of the land…they don’t believe in the Constitution.
The third paragraph, particularly the second sentence, “Senate Bill 1 (2009), which was overwhelmingly supported by a bi-partisan majority of the Kentucky House and Senate, mandated Common standards “, shows more lies and innuendos from KDE. No where in SB 1 does it state that Common Standards (notice KDE has changed the name again..Common Core Standards, Kentucky Core Academic Standards, and now Common Standards) are mandated.
What was mandated is that new standards were supposed to be developed by K-12 , post-secondary, and other Kentucky educators , not created outside by non-Kentucky citizens. Twenty-nine people served on the Common Core Validation Committee and 130 people were on two decision making Standard Work Groups that developed the Common Core Standards.  NOT a one person, let us repeat, NOT one person was from Kentucky. This violates what the House and Senate members passed in SB 1 in 2009. KACC has said all along that Common Core does not conform to SB 1. Maybe it is time to let the courts see who was right!
Who do Gates, Pearson, Holliday, KDE, and others think they are to tell parents that they can’t refuse to subject  their eight year old child to a 7-hour “High Stakes” test strictly for the purpose of collecting data and tracking information in return for money? It is time for parents to say enough is enough and exercise their parental rights to refuse the KPREP test!
Read the full article on the Bluegrass Institute website here.

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