We Need Your Help!

We need your help!

Credit: AP
Credit: AP

Arne Duncan will be making a visit to Louisville April 23. If you would be interested in participating in a peaceful gathering  during one of his scheduled stops, please Inbox this page or email kentuckiansagainstcommoncore@gmail.com

We have a professional banner and information for distribution.



More on Arne Duncan:

Words from retiring education commissioner, Terry Holliday (from 8/2014) http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2014/08/26/kentucky-schools-chief-us-dept-of-ed-acted-contrary-to-state-federal-law-on-state-standards-assessment-process/

And be sure and watch the VIDEO!

You’ll learn Arne Duncan’s role in Common Core, along with other key players.


Cindy Marlow

I would like to protest on Thursday April 23 when Mr. Duncan comes to town.
May Freedom Continue to Ring,
Cindy Marlow

Terry Donghue


Here are our plans as posted on FB a little while ago. Hope to see you there

We have received the itinerary for Sect of Ed Arne Duncan’s visit to Louisville on Thursday April 23. He has four stops listed but we feel the best place for us to gather and let him know how we feel would be at the Courier Journal on 525 W. Broadway in Louisville. He is scheduled to speak there at 12:30. Duncan is expected to speak on Kentucky’s ESEA waiver and on the reauthorization of this key piece of education legislation in a chat with the Courier-Journal’s editorial board. Probably best if we start to arrive around 11:15. We have a professional banner and info to distribute but if you want to make your own sign to let Mr. Duncan know how you feel about Common Core and all the useless testing, feel free to do so. We have enclosed the link to his itinerary in case you want to show up at one of the other stops. Tell all your friends and neighbors about this. If groups want to co-ordinate carpooling, email us at kentuckiansagainstcommoncore@gmail.com and let us know so we can get the message out. We understand that parking is available near the CJ building. We need a large crowd to show that KY may have been first to take on Common Core, but we won’t be the last state to remove it!

Terry Donoghue

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