#StopExperimentingWithOurKids Teachers! You Have to Read This!

CommonCoreTwilightZoneImagine if you will, children being video taped while taking test after test after test.  Classrooms under full video.

Imagine your children’s “confidential” survey information using by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, for whatever purpose they wish.

Imagine further with me, teachers being scapegoats for failed educational experiments conducted on your children.

This isn’t the Twilight Zone.  This is Common Core.

And this is what’s happening.  And it’s happening in Kentucky schools.

Don’t take my word for it.  Read for yourself.

Here is the link to the TPGES Student Voice Survey, where it is billed as a “class room (sic) level reporting system.”

In the last paragraph it states these surveys are featured in the Gate’s Foundation MET project. Then click on the MET hyperlink. It will take you to their report and within the first two or three pages you can read how they will use your child’s confidential survey information.

Every teacher needs to read this report.

It’s understandable that in this day and age of cameras at every stoplight, and the inability to get a simple library card without them taking your picture, we have been trained to accept a certain amount of intrusion.  But, I wonder what teachers feel about working under these conditions?

And, for parents who think, “well, about time! Teachers need more accountability!”, you might consider that this is happening within the context of Common Core.  YOU, as a parent, don’t have input.  Period.  And your children are a commodity for the State and for the Gates Foundations.

If that is not the case, please enlighten everyone as to why Kentucky came with such a high price tag?

We’re not trying to sound Orwellian here.  We’re no trying to make the front page of a conspiracy website.  We are sharing facts.  Because, “Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.”



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