Playing Jeopardy with Kentucky’s Children

Bill Gates Buys Kentucky

Kentuckians have been left scratching their heads over the entire Common Core mess. Concerns of parents are largely ignored. Children’s test anxiety is hushed. Teacher’s love of teaching quashed.  And what was the price tag?

An unbelievable 12+ million dollars.  That’s right, Kentucky was sold.  Maybe you don’t recall a for sale sign in the yard, but follow the money and the truth will tell the story.

Kentucky Department of Education

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) accepted the largest amount of Gates CCSS promotional cash at just over $12 million:

Date: November 2012
Purpose: To examine the use of high-quality curriculum to accelerate common core state standards implementation
Amount: $1,903,089

Date: June 2011
Purpose: to provide organizational support to the Kentucky Department of Education related to implementation of the Common Core State Standards & teacher development and evaluation systems
Amount: $9,125,277

Date: November 2010
Purpose: to develop instructional tools in literacy and mathematics aligned to the Common Core standards, and to facilitate statewide implementation of these tools in Kentucky
Amount: $1,000,000

Kentucky administered the first CCSS assessments in the nation in November 2012. However, the ACT-administered End of Course (EOC) exam was not properly scored. Ironically, a major push of CCSS is the “literacy” focus on student writing– and ACT was unable to score the constructed response items and therefore only completely scored the multiple-choice items. As a result, scoring now falls on the teachers, not the testing company who took the $1.5 million to grade the constructed response items in the first place. Here is how the KDE attempts to spin ACT’s bumbling failure into KDE triumph:

EOC testing can now move to 100% computer-based for the state accountability portion.  This means all schools can now give the EOC in the last day or so before the class ends because results are instant.  This will make a truly end-of-course test and it will make it more useful for a real final exam.

…Finally, this change (requiring teacher to grade constructed response items) from also makes the reporting of state results on a timely basis for the fall of 2013 highly probable.  
So, in summary, we believe it is a win-win for teachers and the state.  High school teachers get a more useful final exam with instant results.  The state gets accountability information and CR questions are still an important part of the model. [Emphasis and parenthetical statement added.]


In short, teachers are deprived of the dignity of creating their own exams and are instead saddled with the responsibility for grading an essay exam created by an incompetent testing corporation.

Still, Kentucky remains in CCSS.”

Who was the buyer?  Read on to find out….

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Part Three (this is the link that talks about Kentucky specifically)




Some states have made it state law that kids have to take the state test on common core. This is because some parents were having their kids sit out the test in opposition to common core. You want to know the best recourse? Teach our kids that yes, you always do your best. But sometimes civil disobedience is necessary to make your voice heard. Our voices are not being heard in our state or nation. States want to mandate that kids must take this test? Fine. Teach your child that due to common core it is time for a new strategy. Boycott the test in a different way. We must teach our kids to purposefully bomb the test. Miss all questions. Encourage this form of civil disobedience this spring on KPREP. THIS WILL MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD. Spread the word. Stand up for our kids. Teach them to stand up for themselves. It’s time Kentucky citizens let our government know that ultimately they answer to us, not the reverse.

Operation Bomb the Test, 2015

Terry Donghue

Good idea. In fact,I like it better than refusing the test. Will not use your name but would like to use some of this email telling people to have their children BOMB the test as you say on our Facebook page.Is it ok by you?

Terry Donoghue

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