Correction and Apologies, and Legislators That Have Signed HB 33


Firstly, apologies to Representative Floyd & Representative Harmon, they have both in fact sponsored HB 33.

Would you like to know who else has sponsored HB 33?

Please thank your Representative if you see their name here:

HB 33 (BR 97) – T. Kerr, L. Bechler, R. Benvenuti III, K. Bratcher, R. Bunch, J. Fischer, D. Floyd, D. Hale, M. Harmon, R. Heath, K. Imes, P. Moffett, T. Moore, S. Santoro, D. St. Onge, J. Tipton, R. Webber, A. Wuchner

What does House Bill 33 say?

AN ACT relating to public school standards.
Create a new section to KRS Chapter 158 to prohibit the Kentucky Board of Education and the Kentucky Department of Education from implementing the English language arts and mathematics academic content standards developed by the Common Core Standards Initiative and the science academic content standards developed by the Next Generation Science Standards Initiative; require the state board to recommend new content standards to school districts and schools after consultation with the Council on Postsecondary Education; require public involvement in standards development; clarify the authority of the local board of education to adopt standards which differ from or exceed the standards approved by the state board; clarify that the school-based decision making councils shall develop policies based upon the standards adopted by the local boards of education; prohibit state officials from ceding control of education content standards and assessments; prohibit withholding of state funds from school districts for adopting different academic content standards; amend KRS 156.070 to limit disclosure of personally identifiable information; direct the Kentucky Board of Education to require that the Department of Education and all school districts adhere to transparency and privacy standards when outsourcing data and Web-based tasks to vendors; clarify vendor contract requirements; amend KRS 158.6453 to permit a local board of education to supplement the state board-approved academic content standards with higher and more rigorous standards and require school councils to use them to fulfill curriculum policy requirements; amend KRS 160.345 to clarify school council curriculum policy authority.

(Prefiled by the sponsor(s).)

Nov 12-To: Interim Joint Committee on Education
Jan 6-introduced in House; to Education (H)


What we need

Supporters of KACC to call their House Representative and ask them to co-sponsor the Bill.  If they’ve already sponsored the bill, call them and thank them!

We need to flip the House!  A Bill in the House is great.  Having our Representatives co-sponsor the Bill is a great way to show solidarity.  But, until the Bill can be VOTED on….



Some states have made it state law that kids have to take the state test on common core. This is because some parents were having their kids sit out the test in opposition to common core. You want to know the best recourse? Teach our kids that yes, you always do your best. But sometimes civil disobedience is necessary to make your voice heard. Our voices are not being heard in our state or nation. States want to mandate that kids must take this test? Fine. Teach your child that due to common core it is time for a new strategy. Boycott the test in a different way. We must teach our kids to purposefully bomb the test. Miss all questions. Encourage this form of civil disobedience this spring on KPREP. THIS WILL MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD. Spread the word. Stand up for our kids. Teach them to stand up for themselves. It’s time Kentucky citizens let our government know that ultimately they answer to us, not the reverse.

Operation Bomb the Test, 2015

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