Petition to Remove Kentucky from Common Core


Kentucky Petition Regarding the Common Core State Standards

As concerned parents and citizens of the state of Kentucky, we hereby petition our government regarding the adoption of the Common Core State Standards in our schools. There are three main areas of concern:

1 the educational content of Common Core
2 the privacy infringements related to its tracking databases
3 the costs of implementing these sweeping changes statewide

Taken as a whole, Kentucky’s adoption of Common Core is an affront to state sovereignty, local control of education, parental rights, and both family and student privacy. We hereby submit our petition as follows:

First, as Kentucky adopted the Common Core State Standards before they were even finalized, did not hold corresponding public meetings regarding privacy and sovereignty issues, and failed to perform a statewide cost analysis of its adoption, we hereby consider Kentucky’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards “null and void.”

Second, we ask the Governor and the State Board of Education to immediately act to rescind Kentucky’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards, membership in PARCC, application for Race to the Top funds, waiver for No Child Left Behind, and any related requirements on the state. We further ask that the state Attorney General review all related documentation, applications, and contracts to ensure state sovereignty is held inviolate.

Third, we ask the state to safeguard the people’s rights afforded by the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by leaving jurisdiction of all education decisions to parents, individual schools and districts, and the state. Choice in education will include, but not be limited to, curricula, standards, personnel, textbooks, methods, testing, and discipline policies.

Fourth, we ask for the strengthening of privacy laws to make sharing of personal student data with any federal entity a crime for both the requester and the provider of the information. We further request legal verification that no private or personal information about students is transmitted outside of local schools and districts.

Fifth, we request that legislators develop a 5-year plan to wean Kentucky off all federal funding for education. If the federal government responds with threats to pull non-education funding, we ask that this information be made public and fought with assistance of the state Attorney General.


Concerned Citizens of Kentucky

cc: State Board of Education



Wesley Brown

I see my daughter struggle needlessly with this nonsense on a daily basis. She can do math normally, like I was taught 30 years ago. However, this Common Core and Singapore Math is pure ridiculousness.

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