We Need To Stop the CRomnibus Bill


This article was written Saturday morning based on the fact that we were told the vote on the spending bill would take place on Monday. As you are aware the Senate passed the bill late Saturday afternoon. Rather than take the article down, we decided to send it out so you can see all the taxpayer money going towards the promotion of Common Core.

We would still like for you to call Senator McConnell and let him know that you are upset with his YES vote on the spending bill. Tell him we want the Federal government out of the education business. Call Senator Paul and thank him for his NO vote on the spending bill and ask for him to continue his efforts to repeal Common Core.

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Phone Calls Needed

On Monday December 15th the U S Senate will likely vote on the CRomnibus spending bill that narrowly was passed in the House of Representatives. Included in the bill are massive amounts of money to the Department of Education as Pro-Common Core groups have latched on to the President’s budget. Here is a special look at just how Washington, D.C. plans to use our tax dollars to fund illegal standards, continue to grease the wheels of the CCSS Machine, and keep education a mess. The Administration is requesting $68.6 billion in discretionary spending for the Department of Education in 2015, an increase of $1.3 billion or 1.9%, more than the 2014 level and almost $3 billion more than in 2013.

Where our taxes are going to help support the CCSS Machine:
$300 million for a new Race to the Top (student longitudinal data system on a state-wide platform); $14.4 billion for Title One College/Career Readiness; $1.1 billion for those 21st Century Community Learning Centers (think cradle to grave agenda); $100 million for “Promise Neighborhoods” (cradle to career initiative); $70 million for Statewide Longitudinal Student Data System; $200 million for ConnectED (trains teachers to be CCSS and college/career readiness aligned, assessments, digital aspects, and more in the classroom); $5 billion for incentives (RESPECT) teachers who’ve completed College/Career Readiness training, building like-minded network; $1.3 billion in mandatory preK for everyone; $165 million for “Investment in Innovation” (i3) which will use a best-practices approach to education while affording the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Education a whopping $49.5 million to transform technology; $150 million to redesign high schools so they become college/career ready centers; $170 million for STEM revitalizing (of that, $110 million goes to LEAs to create a STEM network); $40 million to create a teacher STEM Pathway: $20 million to create a National STEM Teacher Corps; $1.1 billion to reauthorize the Perkins Act (means even more Career Tech Ed that’s aligned to CCSS). See the entire Summary: http://www2.ed.gov/about/overview/budget/budget15/summary/15summary.pdf
All of this plus the fact that right before Thanksgiving the President issued 3400 new regulations including  one that takes away all State rights over education. Read the link that goes into detail about the 2015 Fed Ed Budget. https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2014/12/12/fom-friday-2015-fed-ed-budget/

Starting early Monday morning, we MUST CALL Senator Rand Paul at his D C office 202-224-4343. If you can’t get thru there, then call his Bowling Green office 270-782-8303. Next call Senator Mitch McConnell at D C 202-224-2541 or if you can’t get thru try his Louisville office 502-582-6304.Then when you get to talk to their staff, tell them to get a message to the Senator that you want them to vote NO on the CRomnibus spending bill. We need to repeal Common Core and get the federal government out of education. Have them get the message to the Senators ASAP before the vote takes place. Then have your friends and neighbors do the same. We cannot allow the President’s Education budget to pass.

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