Will Kentuckians Get a Fair Hearing from the Senate Committee on Education in 2015?

kaccsOn March 13, 2014, after waiting years to finally have a chance to speak out against the federal overreach of our education system, Kentuckians along with national experts provided compelling arguments why the Common Core State Standards (Kentucky Core Academic Standards) should be repealed and replaced with new education standards developed for Kentuckians, by Kentuckians.

“We have a lot of people who don’t feel like they had an opportunity to talk about this, and talk about it in front of the Legislature, and so that was providing them an opportunity here today,” said Senator Mike Wilson, Committee Chair.

In 2010, Governor Steve Beshear and Commissioner of Education Terry Holliday adopted the untested Common Core State Standards (before they were even completed), its aligned assessments, and a greatly expanded data collection system without any public hearings and the benefit of running it before our elected legislators.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone, that the majority of Kentuckians, including many of our elected legislators, teachers, etc., feel that the State did an end around the legislative process on such an important function as education, and that such inappropriate action should be nullified.
Even after this long awaited hearing and excellent testimony against the standards, Senator Mike Wilson decided to take no action. “The bill to repeal Common Core isn’t likely to go further this session.” So, what’s the purpose of holding a public hearing if no action is to be taken?
This decision to not take any action was probably made by the Kentucky power structure that is steering this Common Core vehicle. That power structure consist of Gene Wilhoit, Terry Holliday, Felicia Smith, Steve Beshear, David Adkisson, Vicki Phillips, etc. (More on them in upcoming articles)
Getting back to Senator Mike Wilson, he’s a Republican, a supporter of Christian values and is Pro-Life, but as the Chair of the Senate Committee on Education, it appears he has drank the Kool-Aid with Terry Holliday, Gene Wilhoit and David Adkisson. He has decided not to push for Christian values or a Pro-Life stance on the Committee. Mike Wilson has been appointed as a Director of The Fund for Transforming Education in Kentucky, along with Wilhoit, Holliday, Adkisson, corporation CEOs, Deans of colleges, etc., funded in part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He’s also active with the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce.

When Kentucky and Governor Beshear were awarded $44 Million from a Race to the Top grant for Early Childhood Education in December of 2013, Mike Wilson stated: “I firmly believe that when we invest in Kentucky’s children, we are investing in Kentucky’s future. This funding will give children an opportunity to jump-start learning at an early age, which is proven to give them a better long-term academic achievement. I’m excited to watch the impact these funds will have on our children and our Commonwealth.”
Whether it is for early childhood development standards or for K-12 education standards, and the data collection that goes along with them, which all are directed towards creating the “human capital” needed for our future workforce, Mike Wilson appears to be all in. Kentuckians should be investing in new education standards developed for Kentuckians, by Kentuckians.

So, when legislation to repeal the Common Core State Standards (Kentucky Core Academic Standards) comes before his Committee in 2015, will he toe the line for the Kentucky power structure, or will he allow our voices to be heard and allow the Committee to vote and support the valid concerns of the majority of Kentuckians? That is the question.

By Wayne M. Meyer, AIA , Concerned Father & Grandfather

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