Mark VonFumetti

Mr. Wilkerson is an Incredible, Professional Teacher in the old fashioned sense. He TEACHES. He wants Kids to LEARN. He goes WAY and ABOVE what is expected of a teacher.

My son had Mr. Wilkerson last year. He gave him a love for school – he couldn’t wait to get to 5th grade to have Mr. Wilkerson.

At almost any time I drive by the school, I will see his vehicle there. Late into the evening, night, weekends, summer.
He is constantly developing programs FOR THE KIDS!

In the Spring and Summer – He does take time off to go to the Little League Field. He has the field in perfect condition for EVERY game. Then back to the school.

Vickie Blakey

Here we go again. Why is it Social Studies always seems to be the one that is always put low on the list. It is as if it is not important. However, we fuss when scores are low. Let’s be real. Teach history! Yes we need an scope & sequence so we are progressing with history as we advance in each grade level. Everything I have seen or heard about this common core stuff is for the birds. Kids need to be taught for real life because that is their future.

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