Common Core News Round-Up



 By Anita Hoge
September 18, 2014

While everyone is out there debating Common Core, there is a system of standardization being put in place. And, if you are unaware of this system, what you don’t know about Common Core, Choice, and Charter Schools CAN hurt youRead more here.

Obama Administration’s New Teacher Equity Plan Will Not Improve Access to Good Teachers

Brittany Corona /

We can all agree that all students should have access to top-notch teachers. But the approach the Obama administration is taking is unlikely to lead to this.

Last Wednesday, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights sent 14,000 school districts a ‘Dear Colleague’ letter outlining administration guidance on resource equity—ensuring resources and good teachers are as available to underprivileged children as to others—and other education policies.   Read more…


From Ohio Rising:

Ohio Rising interviewed Dr. Sandra Stotsky.  One of the national leaders in the fight against Common Core.  Her story about the problems with Common Core itself and the development of the standards will not just inform you, it will anger you.  You will come away from listening to this podcast an activist against Common Core.  Read more…

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