Common Core Review in Kentucky

Common Core Review in Kentucky 

Did you know the following about the Common Core Standards?

* Removes all parental involvement in the education of their children.

All decisions are made in Washington DC.

* Textbooks state, “The word for God is Allah.”

* The recommended reading books contain very obscene passages, including a rape scene.

* The recommended reading books contain false anti-American content.

Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday on Monday (August 25) called on the public to review the standards and suggest changes. He urges all to weigh in on whether they should be rewritten as part of the “Kentucky Core Academic Standards Challenge.”


Holliday said, “Tell us what’s wrong with the standards and how to fix it.”



1) Review the standards and suggest changes. Responses will be taken until April 30, 2015 at:  Please note  ONLY comments tied to a specific standard will be considered. You have plenty of time to read and make suggestions.<p> </p>2) Tell others on your social media to review the common core standards in Ky and to suggest changes:

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