What has the Administration Done to Student Privacy?

The following attached article touches on what this administration has done with our student privacy laws and also talks about the student data collection system.  More detail information is forthcoming in the next few days regarding what’s happening here in Kentucky (as well as most other states in the US).

IMPORTANT:  Please check out and attend this educational action event to be shown in more than 650 theaters across the country (at least 11 locations in KY) on July 22nd (rebroadcasted on July 29th), to experience a live national night of action against Common Core.  Please go to: www.wewillnotconform.com and plan to attend.  Buy tickets and bring your friends.  This is a chance for anyone who’s tired of sitting idly by as the federal government continues its takeover of our schools to come together and do something about it.
We’re looking for volunteers at this theater event to have people sign their name and e-mail address in order for them to stay informed and to help support our KY bills for repealing Common Core.
Recently we have added a lot of new names to our e-mail list and please send me names and e-mail addresses of others you know would appreciate receiving updates on what’s happening with Common Core.  Also, feel free to forward this e-mail to your list of friends and associates.
Get involved.  Thanks,

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