School vouchers and allegiance to Common Core

“Republicans now are putting forth a false solution. They’re coming out — Donald Trump, Betsy Devos, some of our favorite conservative Republicans — I don’t know if they quite understand the nuance of this, but they’re pitching to conservatives the idea of school choice vouchers and charters as a solution when that is not the case. In every piece of legislation and every state, including Texas which voted it down just recently because of this, every voucher program, every choice program requires that the user of that voucher or that choice education institution must be aligned with the federal standards. Those standards are Common Core,” Joy said.

From Scott Hofstra, United Kentucky Tea Party

From Scott Hofstra…spokesperson United KY Tea Party

Ladies and Gentlemen,

While legislators are claiming they have repealed Common Core in Kentucky Schools with SB1 this year, the facts tell us otherwise.

No matter what Betsy DeVos and the Kentucky Legislature try to tell you, Common Core is alive and well in Kentucky. Now they’re trying to rebrand it in order to perpetuate it. It was implemented all at once and it can be repealed the very same way. There are existing and every successful national standards and curriculum that could be put in place just as quickly as Common Core was, but the truth is, there is no will in the Kentucky Department of Education or among the legislators to repeal it. They would rather tinker around the edges and call it “New and Improved” instead of repealing it and replacing it (gee…where have we seen that before?). For some inane reason, the legislators and the KDE are scared to death of the KEA and refuse to repeal Common Core.

We need to speak to our legislators and make sure they understand that they promised to repeal Common Core and nothing short of a full and complete repeal will be acceptable if they want our votes November 2018. The only thing most politicians understand unfortunately, is not getting reelected.

Please contact your legislator and tell them that you will vote against them in November of 2018 unless they repeal every last word, process and inference to Common Core in Kentucky. We gave them a chance this year in session. They failed us and our school aged children with SB1.